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My Kingdom Come

I muse, today my muses took me on a journey to my kingdom. Yes ! Everyone heard correctly, my own very kingdom, and since this was my kingdom, it had to be unique in all aspects. 

1)  I would be the sole King and of     course,      my wife the Queen. No questions asked.

2)  WiiFii, yes, Free unlimited downloads for my citizens.

3) Laptops of their choice in gold bags, Free !! Free !! Free !!

4) No cars on road, only bicycles. Or walking. Elders who can't walk or drive bicycle will have tricycles driven by volunteers.

5) Strict vegetarian food in my kingdom as it is my kingdom. We grow our own food and flowers. All mechanized farming.

6) Everyone has a good cow at their house with a volunteer to take care of it Free, and of course cow too is Free.

7) School, College all Free

8) Housekeeping too is Free by volunteers. 

9) Electricity too Free 24 by 7.

10) Pure water too Free.

11) No accounting system as no taxes.

12) Free Library sprawling in Kilometers.

Entry Requirements: Aaah !!! These are weirdest of all but applicant family has to read the rules governing my kingdom before entry:

1) No religion can enter the boundaries of my kingdom. All free souls free from shackles of any caste, creed, or past influences. Since no religion is commanding the country rules, only Human being Always at service of each other will be allowed entry. 

2) Dress code : it should be pleasant but no uniform code allowed as people can show formation of a dress code for a particular group. No group formation allowed.

2) No smoking as there will be no stress to release.

3) No Drinking Alchohol.

3) No leaders because everyone is their own leader. Those who think they can lead, have to learn to lead themselves into their Bliss. 

4) You have the liberty to shout names and curse the King at the end of the year, but not the Queen, because King can't hear anything against the Queen.

5) King can at any point of time add rules as he deems fit but they will not be against humanity.

6) All women and men will be given equal status. Men can give a higher status to their wives, if they wish.


This was the limit. What was happening to my house, a small house of four with four different tastes. My mother saw all soap opera's switching the channels at appropriate times and had become efficient in time management and my dad watched religious channels early in the morning. Their tuning was ok but my wife needed to watch the ads along with the soap opera serials and had fancy for a limited ones that hit her head, so I brought another t.v. with a separate dish antenna for her. 

When kids joined in from school, the fight would start, with their grandmother staunch and tough to budge away from parting from her routined brain feeds from the television. The kids also clever enough to take revenge by hiding the remote, and grandma searching for the remote in vain until they came upon a compromise. 

This tata sky transfer option has come as a boon as the program can be transferred on ipad and watched. I would surely love to record the comedy nights with kapil and transfer to my device. This is one program that alleviates the dampened mood from daily hassles. 

In this greatly innovative world, new offerings are designed for consumer satisfaction and I am a subscriber of tata sky since it's inception, growing my family with their innovative breakthrough offerings always simplifying the household entertainment space.

Early Alchemy

The egyptian diety Thoth which had the head of an ibis is thought by many to inhibit the body of Hermes Trismegistus, the originator of Alchemy.  He has been said to be "he who exists from the beginning..,he who rests on the truth, and what he utters subsists for eternity." according to some inscriptions.

Democritus who lived in 1st century A.D. Is the earliest Alchemist whose name came up in many old texts. Democritus was disciple of Ostanes and while he was still learning the process Ostanes died all of a sudden. Democritus tried all meditation to somehow get inspiration from Ostanes to get the remaining knowledge but all he got was that it was in the temple. Democritus searched the temple but nothing could be found. All hopeless his eyes went on the inscription on the pillar, " Nature rejoices in nature, nature conquers nature, nature brings forth nature."

He started dancing with joy. He had achieved his goal.

To be continued............,
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Day 7

Day 7

Yes, the celebrations were over and God graced Rio family with junior Rio soon. Rio family was fully excited to welcome the junior into the Rio net. Party was thrown, and the whole village welcomed the arrival of the junior Rio.

Soon days passed into months and months into years and life rolled beautifully and Rio too tried his ultimate best to fulfill the family desires to the best of his abilities. He had full faith in the choice of Lord Ganesha and after a span of 5 years rolling away fast enough another smaller junior Rio saw the light into the family. 

It was during this time that Rio was allured to try his luck into the stock markets and gave his share of two cents there and retracted back to the calmness of the village life for good.

Junior Rio had reached the age of six and Rio had to take a bold decision in the family. Rio wanted Junior Rio to be sculpted in the best of the schools and he had to put him in a good school of learning in an education hub town and took junior on to Nainital, the hill station. Here he searched for a good coaching school for kids and though it was a heartbreaker call, he left him to be taught and groomed there. After a month Rio again went to Nainital to see if junior Rio was hale and hearty and the first question junior Rio threw upon Rio was if he had cried after leaving him to the care of warden in the institution of learning. Rio was stumped there but not to be outdone, Rio threw the same question upon the junior if he had cried, and his reply in his own words, "no, just little water had come out." shook Rio's heart but confirmed Rio of one thing, he has the mettle of the Rios. Both father son duo enjoyed their two day stay. Seeing a snake charmer with snake on the road junior Rio said he wanted to put the snake in his neck and Rio instantly got it done and clicked a photograph. A newlywed wed sardar couple were coming from behind and seeing junior Rio garlanded with the snake, sardar ji's wife asked her hubby to get the snake in his neck and get a photograph done but sardar ji outright rejected the proposal. Her reaction downgraded the dignity of sardar as her retort "tussi darde ho, enna chota munda ni darda."(you are afraid, such a small boy isn't afraid.)  Sardar's prompt reply was, "enni vaddi naagin gale vichh daali, hor ki proof chaaida tainu."( such a big cobra snake he already adorned in his neck and what further proof was needed of his bravery.)

Junior Rio soon had reserved his seat at Welham boys, Doon after successfully answering the tough questions thrown upon him. The sharpness of Rio could be seen in this answers. To the question, which T.V. Serial he liked, while the other students answered snakes and ladders, etc. our cunning junior answered "News" and upon the next simultaneous question, as to where the aeroplanes had collided head on the earlier day, but our junior had the shrewd Rio brain in him because he had replied boldly, "he could not watch T.V. because he was traveling in train." 
Teacher not to be outdone had asked our junior about buying a newspaper in train and Junior had him stumped by saying that his dad doesn't buy newspaper in train. Though junior rejected that school and chose Mayo college because of big cricket grounds there.  

Life rolled on and soon his younger brother too joined him. Their childhood began with their letters coming up and Rio always there in times of need. 

To be continued..,,........,

Day 6

Day 6

The next very day the engagement ceremony  was set to take place as Lord Ganesha never  liked delays of any sort. And within a month Rio was to be a happily married man, as they say. The ceremony, a simple one and they were tied to become one soul. The day, saw nervous Rio, eating the shaadi ka laddoo. 

Was he to repent?  Not at all, as Lord Ganesha had chosen the match. Moreover, he was the almighty Lord. It was a real conspiracy of family members, which Rio came to know later. Had he chosen Lord Hanuman for the decision making he may have been granted 10 years respite, but Lord Ganesha, how could he give 10 years life when he himself had married in such a haste. 

A lot of actions were performed by Rio in that period. Did he write love letters? Surely yes, but such that only brilliant Mrs. Rio to be could only read it because the writing needed the heart to read, not the mind. Rio would be uploading his memorable Love letter that he had sent to then Miss Rio. Since this is a rare piece of art, read with patience and if you can decipher the letter, well, you are a genius as well. 

To be continued ..........,

Day 5

Day 5,

She left the office sooner than later and the office head had searched a better option this time, an old lady, which was better for the progress of office work. Since my cabin's strategic location I saw the number of times people uselessly used to pass her desk to go towards the restroom had lessened. I am trying to be as truthful as I can. I know not what happened to her or where she joined next because I was never interested in these things or was I. [Reader Discretion Allowed]

While commuting, I thought to play a prank on my dear little friend. I broke upon him that the boyfriend debacle was all false and offered him to come to office today and I will get the intro done after the office hours. I think he had come up to the office and seeing the old lady left from the gate itself because next day I had to bear all his abuses head on, but I enjoyed the gaali's also because I had successfully fooled him. I didn't know he was fully serious about her because he wanted me to get her address from office recruitment files, which I sheerly denied. I then again had to bring in the fictitious boyfriend of her's in the picture but he simply wasn't ready to believe me now. I still remember his "foola huaa gaal" all the way. "I had acted a villain in his love life." I knew his anger wouldn't last and he will be his old self again. Suddenly, as the bus crossed chowringhi, his old reaction came up as expected, "arrey yaar, these old ladies should be banned to wear these frivolous skirts and roam around like that. Poora kachra kar dia."  He had been eying that shapely lady from afar but seeing old lady as the bus went past her, his mood had again gone berserk. So this was our friend and I knew he was never serious on anything. 

Life rolled on, and Rio too moved on, graduated, and left the friends at their fate, to newer life in the village. This life was going to shatter all his motto's of life. He didn't know what he was in for in the village. All his books that had been neatly packed in cartons and brought were a severe headache for his mother to stash. They couldn't find shelves for themselves because all the shelves were taken and all the innumerable cartons were dumped mercilessly on a small storage room on the highest top corner of the room from where it was a task in itself to get things out without the help of big stools and domestic helps. 

Rio was adaptable, and adapted fast to the situation. Soon proposals of marriages had started pouring in and Rio had discreetly avoided any meet ups tried by his parents as his motto was all set to be married to his books, but his books were all suffocating in the dingy storage and as destiny would have it, Rio had been struck in the dilemma of the Gods. Rio was well read, but he wasn't versed in spiritual texts till then and was caught totally unawares in their plot. Rio's family being fully God fearing cornered Rio into accepting the decision of God. Lord Ganesha was chosen and the names of prospective brides were written on paper and chits were made and folded neatly by Rio himself and one favorite chit was made by him stating "marriage after 10 years."

All the chits were placed before the Lord and with prayers to the Lord to give the time demanded, Rio shuffled and picked the chit and seeing that Lord Ganesha had not only cleverly ditched him but also chosen for him the nearest possible gal in the chit. Rio sensing trouble tried to neatly coerce a second try and this try too brought up the same name, then a third try was taken and lord Ganesha was fully determined without any doubts, and seeing the same gal's name again, it was a strong case of "Teen Tigaara, kaam bigaadaa." [three trials are spoilers of work."]

Now, checking thoroughly if the chit of 10 years retrieval was soundly in place again last and fourth shuffle was done and the chit was picked and there lay the chit in my hand, fourth consecutive time Lord had given the verdict, without any doubts the whole family started honking upon the "shaadi ka bigul". [trumpet of marriage]

To be continued.....,,,

Day 4

Day 4

One or two days later, my college friend had come to my office for some book from me and seeing the stunning lady went all bonkers. 

When he met me in the cabin, his dilemma was explicitly written on his face. His shock was beyond repair. We both used to catch the first bus 3B in the morning at 5 a.m. from Alipore to college street. He wanted innumerable answers. I could read it in his horror stricken eyes "Why had he been kept in the dark"and I was like "what was the hurry for the book." " You won't become Kalidasa in a day".

I gave the book to him and he left immediately, knowing the strict decorum of the office which had been fed in his mind by me. I knew he will be at bus stop half hour early and wait for me for explanations. Before going out of office, he deliberately asked the stunning Lady where the restroom was and went to relieve himself. I knew he was trying his futile best to impress the lady. Since the office was a real worse than Adolf Hitler's pin drop silence one, he had come out of the restroom with face more shining after the deliberate wash and he asked the lady the permission to go to my cabin again, because of my strategic location I saw him talking again with her and approach my cabin. I knew what he would be saying. "Abey, kal jaldi aaiyo sabere."

Yes, he had said that and left. That age never dreamt of the tech we see now, whatsapp etc. that plans program to the nearest second. We had to wait for another day and time. I sometimes now feel that was better because we got time to plan the plots to clear the air. Now a days people get caught off guard. I am tempted to deviate a bit from my main story here as an interesting phenomenon of pager came to my mind. I remember when pager system was launched it was tough to deny receipt of information and my one colleague had dumped it and when inquired why he hadn't done as directed by pager message, he replied sheepishly, "sir, when I went to toilet the pager fell in the commode."

Coming to the point, we met next day and as expected, he wanted explanations as to why wasn't he informed of her and was their any chemistry between us and the relief he got when I said I had my books as my first love and she is just an office colleague, that's all. 
Now he wanted an introduction of himself with her properly. In his own words, "abey, tere se to kuch hone se raha, meri intro karwa aaj."  (You can't do anything, introduce her to me today.) 
I had weaved out my plan of action and the blow I was to give him was more a more fierce one. I never wanted to be a part of intro's where any mishap and I am stuck with the tensions of patching ups and all. You have the calibre, go ahead and fall in ditch. 
Expressly I said,"her boyfriend comes every evening on bike to pick her up."

And our conversation came to a dead halt. He sat mourning his newfound love...,,

To be continued..,.......,

Day 3

Day 3

I picked the phone knowing the ripple effects  of hair reached the beautiful lady and she must've been concerned for me. My mood wasn't ready for any talks upon the topic in office, so I discretely told her to disconnect at the time. 

I knew in my heart about the fate of this affair, if it was given water to grow, it would get into a difficult stage to back out. I had to close the chapter today itself before it began, as they say, nip in the bud. My motto had been to be married to my books. 

I used to walk from Dalhousie square to YMCA club after office to play table tennis after office hours daily. Today I offered the beautiful lady to accompany me to YMCA and we would have some chat along the way. 

As we walked, hand in hand, I knew I was going to be harsh and I didn't want to keep someone in the lurch. 

I, a reader, had plenty of words to crawl myself out of it as this was a start only. She had some fascination for me and at that age I too had that zing but I had one more thing, prudence. That prudent knowledge which my books had lavishly adorned me with. I had created a fictitious girlfriend out of thin air and plainly told her that I am in love with a girl and we plan marriage in near future. She liked my frank talk and told me about her fascination for me and her heart was clear and she liked my clear talks first hand. We agreed to be just good friends and nothing more. We had coffee at YMCA, and she left.

I had successfully cleared the air. Next day I reached office with nice military cut haircut and clean shaven, looking more dashing than before. I had bought another book that day, of "Irving Wallace, The Word " and already started the read.

To be continued........,

Day 2

Day 2,

My college was morning one and I did everything there except study course books. The office that I worked in was a little lenient on me as I used to reach there by 11a.m. When everyone had settled with their works. 

I reached office little jubilant by yesterday's brief talk. I hadn't shaved and my hair was at it's rocking best, disheveled and flowing freely like my heart. I never used oil in my hair because I liked each strand of hair on my head to freely enjoy the air and breathe. 
The first exclamation was received at the gate itself, "kee daaroon, khoob bhalo laagche" ( looking dashing in hair style and beard.)
I too complimented her and cheerful by the nice start went on to start the daily routine job. Reporting to the boss, he took notice of my arrogant hair and beard. "Ei kee tomaar college naa ki, chool kaatiye, daadhi baaniye bhadro maanush motun officei aashte hobe. Ei yaarki eikhaane cholbe naa." ( is this your college, you have to come to office like a gentleman with clean shave and proper hair cut nicely groomed. This type of attitude won't work here.)

I understood that this man must have overheard the remarks of the beautiful lady. He didn't have trouble with my hair earlier and now this sudden change of attitude was perplexing. I didn't reiterate at that moment but I sat thinking at my table. "Is this company worth the sacrifice of my beard and hair." and I had found my answer, and I wrote a resignation letter and gave it to my boss. I clearly stated I am working sincerely but if my hair is problematic, I cannot leave my hair behind and come to work. 

Then I came to know one hard fact, i had resigned but this boss seeing the letter started hollering, "ei ki yaarki aache, eikhuni paalao eikhan theke, onek deserving staff peye jaabo." (What a joke this is? Run away fast from here, will find numerous more deserving staff than you.)

The hard fact was that just for some admiration I had kicked a nice job..............,suddenly I heard my line ring and awoke from dream. How could I get rid of this company. No, I had to do away with beard and get haircut the first thing tomorrow morning. Destiny beckoned......,

To be continued....,.....


The other Rio (Day 1)

Day 1 

I am aged...,, sorry hell no, not aged, young and rocking with a heavy craze for books. I had been lucky to have been a daily stalker of books paradise, the second hand book market at college street Kolkata as my college was adjoining that road itself. That age wasn't of the mobiles or facebook and my favorite pass time were to be engrossed in the plots of writers and feel the rage, joy, tact, they took me in. I didn't have a taboo on a genre of writeup and read from hindi writers to english ones with the same enthusiasm for all. Once I got into reading I would generally put it down after completing it. I could be seen reading book while commuting, crossing road, at office of work because no cameras were there in those days and work, i would finish in a jiffy and cunningly get to reading the unfinished book and report the work done only when it's call was made. 

One day an interesting incident happened. The office receptionist was a dashing cute gal and our talks had been only restricted to being greeted by her upon entering the office, nothing more. My cabin was strategically located but I had my books as my first priority and work as second priority. Months had passed in office and this one day this receptionist rang my line and when I picked up she said, " aami boi podhchi, boss ke bolben naa." ( I am reading a book hiding, don't tell the boss.)

I thought in my mind "et tu brutei" but  told her to carry on as I am not the type saying ill of fellow workers."

But common interest had got us talking......

To be continued...,(only if I see adequate interest by way of comments.)

Excerpts from Diary

Excerpts from the diary of Rio

5th January 1988, 

Had a wonderful time. Mussoorie rocks, kempty falls Rocks. Had spent childhood here on these mountains and life hadn't been such rosy as it was, as now that I roamed the place with hands in the hands of my God sent life partner for life. She was afraid as she had come here the first time in her life. Since I was known to the roads and the trees and the restaurants here, all were welcoming my new avatar of life and did I say jealous, no they were all happy for me finding a life partner at this raw age of 23 years. They all showered their blessings profusely. I feel fully elated in my childhood environment. How I wish I could stay here all my life. I will leave tomorrow as work beckons. I am greatly indebted to the air here which filled my heart with the old pleasant smell. Smell of being one with me. It is with a sorrowful heart that I will leave them all. I will come again soon and with soon I really mean soon.

6th January 1988,

Train is on the move, slow and steady. My dear darling is really a darling because knowing my saddened mood she had clenched my hand and affirmed to come here again soon enough. I only hoped against hope she would be successful in bringing me here again. Train is getting late and late. Wherever it stops it's wheels get jammed. It looks my journey of 20 hours will take 30 hours at this rate. With the current speed and train stop timing I only hope that train reaches Gorakhpur by lunchtime. I will jump outside as the train halts there to bring hot lunch from outside for my darling. My heart is singing "darling darling, ohh my darling.."  She doesn't know I plan to bring her hot food within some odd hours. Train attendant too gave my plan a go ahead and planned my mode of action. I am too happy for his cooperation. Some more hours remain for Gorakhpur and I will surely bring good hot food, come what may.

7th January 1988,

What rubbish system is this. Train stopping at odd halts for hours and the big main station like Gorakhpur it leaves within minutes. Coolie also misguided me saying train will stop here at least one hour. I had brought such great food within 20 minutes but train had left without taking me. I stood in my night suite with just rupees 500 and train was running away with my darling wife.
I stood just horror stricken and helpless and a coolie passing by gave a smile which I did construe as salt thrown at wounded heart. My brain acted fast and I had to show this runaway train that I too had the mettle. I came out of the platform running as each second counted and eyes searched for a great big vehicle to catch up with the runaway train. There wasn't time for searches and experiments. Seeing a new jeep with an energetic driver approached him and asked him to take me to "Deoria" the next stop of the runaway train. This man understood my plight and ordered me to hop in instantly and before hopping as directed I just confirmed for the money issue as the 500 rupees were only that I had on me and as if this beautiful driver was a God sent one dear diary, as he demanded just the exact 500 that I had on me. This could not be a coincidence I strongly think now. My hopping into the seat next to him in the jeep and he put his one had upon the horn honking and took off for the mission Catching the Runaway train. This dude was real driver as the busy town went by within seconds and the jeep ran at full throttle at free road. He cautioned me not to worry again and again and I just worried that this God sent man is excited to catch the train more than me and he doesn't get over excited because the speed was really ultimate. Soon I sighted my train moving as the road ran parallel to the rail tracks considerable number of miles. I could sense the excitement surge inside the dude driving and my heart was baffled to see the train driver too catching on speed. How come this train which had moved like a sluggish toy train all along was garnering the speed of a jet plane. This dude dear diary, wasn't to be beaten and he did succeed in overtaking the callous runaway train, though I had to take some hits on my head due to the jumps the jeep took on some equally callous bumps trying their futile best to stop our reunion. What the hell could these petty hindrances do when this God sent vehicle, the Pushpak viman was driven by none other Lord Vishnu himself, though he had left the Shankha, chakra, and Gada before taking the seat. 

We reached Deoria when the announcement of arrival of train was being made. Since this person was really Godly, I wanted to reward but having just the 500 rupees with me I gave him the money and he took the money with pleasure. I thanked him with all my heart and soul and he too awaited for the train to arrive. Within two minutes train came and this was a great reunion for both of us. This Godly man aka Lord Vishnu, took our leave having done the job perfectly well. 

The attendant told me how my wife had been practically hanging on the chain to stop the train but nothing happened but he prayed for me to catch up on the train and I assured him his prayers were really answered. The food had become cold but with the joy of reunion it tasted more divine though my darling had shown little disgusting frame of mind to the food which had driven her heart topsy turvy, but when I started feeding my better half with my own hands her anger vanished away. I will never forget this food and the race in my whole life my dear diary.

This post has been inspired and penned for the FoodFix situation by TinyOwl. These are the new avatar of modern technology which helps to get good food at your doorstep. Here are their links for Android and for Ios

The Meet with the Shylock

Not some time long ago, it so happened that I had been to a big town with my close friend. In the evening he suggested we visit a  close relative of his and munch on some homemade snacks, though he was a little shaky that the treatment would be good because they were misers of the Shylock era. I got excited upon the meet with the Shylocks and we both ventured towards their home.

We both reached their home after a torturous ride in a rickshaw on a pot holed road. We were greeted well. The host was caught unawares. He called up his servant and giving him fifty rupees said, " jaa beta, bazzar se lassi le aa." ( go son, bring some  lassi from market.)

We started talking about health of people back home etc. etc. and he switched to the topic of things that were abundant in villages. He hadn't received the mangoes he used to since some years, so it was stressfully conveyed to my friend that he should get one big sack full of mangoes coming season. My friend was nodding his head in sync. And I awaited the goddamn LASSI. I thought the snacks tray would come up with the Lassi but this servant wasn't back with the Lassi. After an hour of impatient wait the host realized that servant wasn't back yet. He started cursing the servant and a demand again to send a good servant from village. 

Two more hours elapsed and the rats had started jumping to and fro in the stomach but this servant was a masterpiece. 
Any knock at gate and I thought must be the servant with the Lassi but no, some odd neighbors coming for something this relative had taken from them. 

Time was passing by and I motioned my friend to ask forgiveness and leave the place fast as I could not bear the rats high jumps and triple jumps inside my stomach anymore. 

The host suddenly remembered pure ghee, and a tin of pure ghee too was added to his list of demands to be sent to him. The word of pure ghee was heard by the rats as well and they started a fight inside the stomach amongst themselves. 

This was really intolerable now and I got up to leave and the door was knocked and opened by the host. There stood the long awaited servant with a packet in hand. Host started hollering at him for being so late and all the house work got pending. Then he asked for the money that was saved after buying Lassi. The packet he had brought looked heavy and the host got angered again. "How many times have I told you to use your brains and bring lesser quantity but you have brought this much that will feed the house for a month. I was curious how much lassi he would serve us. May be in a tea cup we would get some lassi because he could feed this for one month. 

I nudged at my friend to ask forgiveness and leave, but he said that Lassi too had arrived and it wouldn't look good if we left like like that. 

Opening the packet the host found "Rassi" (rope) lying there and started hollering again. One work I give you and you can't do that properly. The rats inside were cursing the rope. They too had tasted the Shylocks. Then host hollered at him to go back again and return the rope and bring LASSI faster this time.

I asked forgiveness myself saying there was no need as our stomachs were full.
The host said he would accompany us to the sweet shop in the market but I had dodged him cleverly saying we both were on a fast that we keep on Tuesday. I knew if he comes to the sweet shop he would excuse himself of having forgotten his purse in a hurry and we would end up paying for the sweets he would have gotten packed for his monthly consumption.

We both left the place hurriedly with the burden of a big list of goods to be sent.
This post has been inspired and penned for the FoodFix situation by TinyOwl. These are the new avatar of modern technology which helps to get good food at your doorstep. Here are their links for Android and for Ios

One and Two

He came, she went,

She came, he went.

She knew him well, that's why,

He knew nothing, that's why.

God knowing well , the doom,

Enjoyed playing the prank, the bloom.

He did meet her , to everyone's pleasure,

Everyone too, never wanted their displeasure.

He and she became one,

Though they were two, not one.

He wanted to sit on couch all day,

She wanted to shop all day.

God was enjoying the game,

The kicks, the ball, intervals & the goal,

Kicking on everything, out of goal.

He and she both had become one, Monsieurs,

So who the hell, could make them two,Mademoiselles.

Friends foes and countrymen,

All beings along with countrywoman.

Carry this to greater length by comments,

Syncing and rhyme in opposing comments.

His brain shuteth here,

Her brain shuteth never.


Fatcat gaming had deferred from honoring the bloggers review campaign organized at indiblogger in India and now a lot more chances are that South American gamers too being duped like the Indians. 

This post has been written just as an eye opener for gamers and lottery players.

This link is enough that says all,

BNLF, Are You Game

BNLF = Blog  + Now + Live + Forever

I remember myself searching something on Google six years back and stumbled upon a blogger blog and there was a prompt on top, "create your own blog" and myself just novice in computers created a blog of my own "my musings". It's been a long time since and learned a lot during these years and second great thing that happened was my coming across indiblogger some five and a half years back. Here I can say with pride now, I did have a great time, healthy discussions, hilariously enjoying ones, seriously serious ones, fighting for friends, fighting with friends, etc.etc. This was a congregation where poets, writers, techies, gadgets experts and numerous variety of bloggers interacted heartily. In due time I came to understand that the maxim I had read somewhere fitted in life too well," there is never just one reality, we each have our own version." 

Blogging arena is expanding like hell, and world isn't left like that of the frog in a small well now. This frog might be having a nice 4G connectivity  well, with nice waterproof phone and waterproof laptop and conveying to the world his emotions, knowledge etc. etc. 

I do remember ancient traditions of "Kumbh Mela" where great intellectuals from world over gathered once in three years over the riverside alternately in four different places. It had a religious aspect and a foresighted thinking of exchange of ideas and imparting of knowledge during that period. Indiblogger has come up with a congregation of Bloggers where bloggers from every field meet under one roof and get their minds reactivated with fresh bursts of knowledge. 

A great endeavor indeed where renowned personalities  will be accessible and impart their knowledge. 

I wish to pen here a small real happening with Siri Rabindranath Tagore. He was sitting with a renowned painter of his time, I do not remember his name right now and his disciple brought a painting made by him. It was a marvelous piece as Sri Rabindranath ji too saw it and appreciated it. The great painter rubbished his work saying to go and learn from painters who paint temporary pictures on the road. When his disciple went, Sri Rabindranath ji asked him as to why he had scolded him that way when his work was really superb. He said that if he had praised him, his growth would have stopped there itself. This disciple had returned six months later painting on the roads with those poor painters and returned a fully changed man upon the Gurudev's feet saying he had learnt amazing knowledge from them. The ultimate thing is that there is no end to knowledge and we must keep on progressing in leaps and bounds. 

So, what are you waiting for? Act fast while the seats are left. 

A brief glimpse of some highlights. More can be seen at the link itself.

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