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Respected Manmohan ji spoke for all the more respected Soniya ji and Rahul ji. "Government is not keen on GST implementation. Herald case filing on Soniya and Rahul and thinking of cooperation from congress." 

Now mind is bullshitted. Holding nation at ransom. Court is doing it's duty and wrongdoers should be penalized. Let all progress rot with Manmohan ji and Soniya ji and ofcourse Rahul ji.

Stringent rules are need of the hour. A learned man like Manmohan ji has been completely brainwashed. May god bless all.

Pataliputra redesigned

City: Pataliputra ( modern Patna )
State : Magadh (modern Bihar)

Myself: The King Chandragupta 
               ( Modern   Rio De La Sciocco)

Rio sat thinking at the passage of time from the era of Golden Bird whence the fiery zeal that had taken to knit the great empire and run smoothly. The great seats of learning where people from all over the world came to acquire knowledge. 

The vision: The proper vision in necessary in all spheres of life and the way politics runs around all vision looks to be in shambles. Task at hand lay in design of city. Modern Patna looked hopeful of my finding best solution for it's woes. Mind reverted back to Nero, the king of Rome, who had gotten the whole city burnt down purposely to redesign and build a marvelous city. The folklore too goes to this day that "Rome was burning and Nero was playing music on flute."

I too needed to make a history repetition and burn down and redesign. A tough call it seemed but I was RioDeLaSciocco, the ultimate King of era bygone and my priorities were all set in my mind. This being a flood zone as well as earthquake zone all caution was needed in design. Town had to be raised in considerable height as well as all houses needed earthquake resistance structure. Sewage system too needed meticulously designed structure. 

Road design: Road was to be networked in such a manner that it would have highway type six lane road and proper exits going into blocks of townships. Cycling would be encouraged and have proper barricaded short cut routes for Bicycle commuters. A person could flaunt his prized car but to go one kilometer he would have to take proper exit and hit the network of this intricately designed road and reach his destination enjoying his drive. Roads properly barricaded so that no stray animals could play a spoiler and cause damage. One lane would be for super speeders and no ordinary car would be allowed to ply in the town itself.  All ultra modern ones with all emission norms and laced with compulsory airbags only allowed. All rest cars scrapped. No tole taxes would be applicable in the city and all taxes deducted automatically annually from car linked credit card. Speeding tickets too would be charged automatically to the card by computerized cameras.

Now for this to happen existing structures had to be burnt down and ample funds were needed to make this dream city. Schools and hospitals too were to be constructed of world class facility. Recreational centers, shopping malls etc. too would be erected for the public benefits. 

Now this would be surely envy of the world. 

Booking to this city may start once the chief minister of Bihar gets my idea implant on this head. 

Now this city of Patna bears the heritage of being the grand capital of India as golden bird with its boundaries running up to central China. I am proud of my heritage and would do anything to revamp and make it a better place. 

This post has been penned for Tata motors. 


Chennai Floods,

Chennai floods and the calamities show how far back India is in disaster management. Death of 18 patients in hospital in ICU, due to power failure due to flooding. Now will the politicians shake their asses from the bloody couch and start working on dire reforms. 

I sometimes wonder what a lineage of support system India is creating. A politician once getting an office for one term gets entitled to salary for life with all privileges. Now where is his accountability on his failures. Innocent public keeps paying taxes and their life is full of risks at every nook and corner. Many casualties could have been avoided by sheer availability of tools and proper coordination. I hope lesson is learnt and India wakes up to management of disasters.

I pity Bihar which faces floods every year and heavy losses are incurred but still we have politicians with negligible resolve to bring out concrete plans. They are just busy throwing largesse at their respective vote banks trying their very best to appease them. Public too, satisfied and happy with the progress and keep on suffering without any respite.

#madeofgreat Brother William

This is myself looking backwards in time, reminiscing the making of me in a boarding school. A great task was at hand for the school faculty to mentor and sharpen the wits of a variety of children from different cultures and different countries in one basket. I too had been saddled in this basket with some becoming good friends for life.

Teachers too, of varying nature, but it was a basket of teachers dealing with the inquisitive formative minds . 

Though all the teachers were great in their fields but I was very much awed by this one teacher, who always sported a smiley face. No student had seen him glum in pressure. This man's name was Brother William alias billie. We students used to tease him, "billie, ye reha chooha," ( cat, here is a rat,) and run away, and he just smiled and laughed it off. 

This man was one person really #madeofgreat in real sense. No student had been able to anger him by calling names. There was one teacher with bald head and students started calling him Tinda and it so happened that Principal too was seen calling him Tinda on occasions but he used to get infuriated and got so pissed that he left our school one fine day. 

Billie's smiling face has been a real energizer in my times of stress in present life. I had learnt to forgo petty unimportant things with smile. This was one teacher who gave awards for trying. I remember I had just learnt swimming and took part in race for my house and I came last. This had been my first swimming race and I stood glum having come last but I was overwhelmed when Brother William announced a gold medal for me to have dared to jump in the big deep pool for the first time in life for the sake of house participation. I can never forget that moment in my life, getting an award for at least trying. 

This was one teacher who had caught me with some friends coming out of cinema hall in Mussoorie . We had bunked classes and this offense was a serious one and could have got us expelled  from school but he gave us life by leaving us with warning. Had it been some other teacher, we would have had it that day. 

I remember when I met him after my marriage, he saw me from afar and came rushing towards me shouting my name. Here I thought he must have forgot as I was meeting him after eight years but he did remember me well. Seeing the mehandi on my hand he understood I had married and first time in my life he scolded me. I listened with my head down but nothing could be undone now as the knot had been tied and he had regained his old self next instant and congratulated me and wished me luck in life. 

I can say with pride that I had been tutored by Brother William, a real gem and most certainly #madeofgreat.

This post has been penned for Tata Motors #madeofgreat campaign.

What do you think of Tata Motor's association with Lionel Messi?

answer as comment on this blog post below in comments section and best comment from all might win you a handsome prize of Amazon voucher worth 750/- rupees.

The above picture is of my class in 1980 with brother William.

#madeofgreat dearest wifey

I want to take this opportunity to give due credit to the deserving ones in my life who truly inspired me to the core. I am talking about my dearest wife here. Though she hadn't the opportunity for higher degrees but I was awed by her sheer presence of mind and her hard as steel memory. This deterred me to do same mistake twice. There is a saying, "once bitten, twice shy," but my carelessness could have made me a pauper of first order had it not been for her constant undaunting vigil. 

I was learned, and clean of heart, trusting the venomous cobra snakes also and friends those who know me well, know of the series of deadly poison I drank in my life span. She, my dear better half was always there for me, taking best care to revive the person in me from the poisoning of snake bite. 

As I look backwards I can feel the flowing sympathy and support  that had always been a backbone in my worst times. 

I know not how successful I am at the moment to say rightly, "behind every successful man, there is a lady, his wife," but I can proudly say I am sitting upright, with all all hurdles of life at bay, only due to my dear wife. She stood with me hand in hand against all odds of my life. 

I know trust is one thing that is necessary ingredient of a life partner and I find myself unduly lucky to have been tied to this real Gem, who always trusted my decisions and whenever I tried some stint against her advice I always faced disaster. Had I taken just one percent of her sanity, I would have been in a different position altogether but I wouldn't have had the precious "EXPERIENCE." that I so dearly possess and flaunt.

I had a motto in my college days, "I will marry and have only one wife, I will be married to a single life." This motto couldn't find the roots as I was married off at a tender age but it had been only for the better. 

If I sit down to write my autobiography, it would certainly become a big novel as I had been completely wiped out once and the solace I received were not in mere words but my better half had willingly parted with all her jewelry and gave strength to me in my bleakest of times. I had only read of such bonafide character in books and seen in films only but I do consider myself lucky that here I am, possessing one and thank God almighty with all my heart and soul.

When I looked around I saw many houses breaking apart in times of crisis and rightly the strength of bonding is rightly tested in these times only when they help in all manner possible to scrape through the odds in life.

This post has been penned for #madeofgreat tata motors campaign.

What do you think of Tata Motor's association with Lionel Messi?

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#madeofgreat dad

Today I set forth to write about the man who is really and certainly "made of the great." I am talking about my dear father here, and he has been my role model since my childhood.

I never understood his passion to learning as he put me thousands of miles away into a highly renowned school of learning in my childhood days. Now that I am in my fifties and as I look back in retrospect, I can clearly see the sacrifices and hardships he must have undergone in those bleak times. I can vividly remember him selling the gold chain he was wearing in Dehradun. Must have been some unprecedented expenses that had to be taken care of at the time.

Whenever I was at home in holidays, he used to give me the book, Kalyan, to read that came every month by post. It basically had stories in the last pages "padho, samajho aur karo," in which good deeds paid off in the long run. I read them with great fervor and liked to see the pictures in the book.

He gave money to beggars on a daily basis but he was always on look out of poor people in the area who never came to ask for help. He used to send them gifts on occasions. My child brain always at a loss, unable to understand of his denial to give me money, and throwing away large sums in a jiffy.

One occasion comes to mind of decades ago when I had gone to the hospital in a nearby town for treatment of my grandmother and I had thrown up my childhood tantrums for a ball and I distinctly remember my dad getting the ball for me in-spite of the tense atmosphere at the hospital.

He had inculcated in me the fire to read books and he always pretended he was unable to see minute letters and would bolster my ego to read up for him. This way many a times I got interested in full story and read with full enthusiasm.

I can relate his undaunted bravery when as a child I and my sister were playing with the on off switch of fan and enjoying the sensation emanating from the switch and suddenly both had got stuck to the wire by current and started shrieking with pain and my dad seeing this immediately kicked away the wire. 

I remember reading somewhere, "if you teach your child, you are teaching your child's child as well." I am a living example of this phenomenon as I myself took all efforts at proper education for my children as well and of course my dad supported me in this cause even without any strain on his mind. It is just due to his unrelenting support and guidance that my both sons got the highest degree they could achieve. 

If I have to choose amongst millions for a role model, my fingers will always point in just one direction, "towards my dad."

This post has been penned for #madeofgreat tata motors campaign.

What do you think of Tata Motor's association with Lionel Messi?

answer as comment and best comment might win you a handsome prize of Amazon voucher worth 750/- rupees.

Post Script: My sister told me of the fact that dad had very frugal means to run businesses as well and used to catch train every evening to nearby town to bring goods to sell and open shop at six in the morning. My sincere salutes.

TOLERABLE (sahishnu) v/s INTOLERABLE (asahishnu)

As a fellow citizen I am tolerable, and I can say this with pride. What I cannot tolerate is the attack on innocent civilians under the garb of good terrorism initiated from the ground of neighboring country. 

Yes I cannot tolerate lynching of innocent citizens, be they of any religion. Giving religious names to acts of crime weakens the entire fight on terrorism. To make this nation of mine a great basket of all religious faiths to thrive, we utterly need to have stringent law to curb naming of religion in crime. No person whatsoever should be allowed to name any act of crime with religion. They should be converted into just numbers. 

We saw naming the sikh person in act of crime, a strong innocent massacre on streets of sikhs, which could have been avoided by naming the religion. 

Nipping in the bud should be the motto, not disturbing communal harmony by saying over and over on media and creating more and more terrorists. 

A crime should be dealt as a crime and should be uppermost in the agenda of Law enforcement authorities. The more our Police is active in pushing culprits behind bars and names of culprits should always be just numbers and not names with their religious background.

Political brains need these disputes and our country should bring up legislation to kill the misuse of these acts of crime for their benefits. It is really high time we demanded strict action with clear insights and without these the enemy across borders will keep on flourishing their game plans by using our very own citizens into their agenda of killing innocent people.

Come on media, wake up.

BNLF The Journey Begineth part 1

I dedicate this blogpost for my dear wife. She is very considerate and has always been  outstanding in supporting me with my decisions with full heart and soul. 

I can never imagine how I could have planned to attend BNLF without her unflinching support and a go ahead voluntarily. I feel blessed to find such a great cooperation from my better half. 

I had all my plans set and ticketing done and awaited for the great day to indulge. Full excitement was in the air and as the day arrived I left for the destination.

I started my journey for BNLF. It was cold early morning, with full moon shining just in front of me, as if wishing me good luck.

The driver was called up on a daily hire system, and I got talking to him as I wanted to keep him awake. The way he said he had driven a truck all night, I needed to be more cautious. This guy was much talkative type and I was getting nice feeds for my early morning brain.

He proudly stated how he had shouted murdabaad slogans on arrival of s politician at his door step and how the political honcho offered him 200 bucks and remain calm. He said why would he sell himself for mere 200 bucks. He was a free man and would say what he liked. I saw his brilliance and patted him on the back. This inflated his ego and he started to bring out his more knowledgeable insights.

He said, "bad deeds are punished heavily, and he had taken a heavy beating by Police on account for my owner. He had been caught with a revolver and he could have told the owner's name to police but his boss had said to keep mum and he would get his house built , but now that the boss has become a pauper himself now, he didn't have any hopes."

I felt sorry for him, and he carried his rambling all the way, and as I muse upon it, a real great novel can be written upon his insights as marvelous it was. The muse went on to The Fool's driver, who knew "nothing" but my temporary driver knew "everything."

I at last boarded the flight with a small mishap of loosing my phone but all was well and I headed on my journey de BNLF with all might.

To be continued.....,,
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It is high time big honchos who ever they are, see the bloody light and stop acting like nuts, giving statements which are much needed by terrorists for their causes to flaunt them and incite more and more youth towards their causes.

Yes, it is really a high time humans call the humans to unite and strongly ask the government to shove them into the cell built for Kasab. These honchos desperately need to become human but they are still harping religion. All religious bodies want peace but all we get is hatred among fellow brethren. Is it not high time we all did away with all religious show biz on roads and confine it for just "within each home." 

High time we killed all names and gave just mathematical numbers for each person. No caste, no religion to flaunt, just becoming human beings for once. 

If a word is said and breaks the communal harmony, is it just worth a simple "sorry" statement. What about the pollution that it raked in growing minds of students and what about the crimes that they will do to appease their religious bodies by killing innocent street bystanders. Will these honchos come up and take the responsibility.

There is a term "sampradayik sadbhav" and how does one achieve that.  How can it be grown if political and now the film stars start playing their game. They can say "he started first," but is their any end to it.

I read about film actor Dileep Kumar talking to Nawaaz Sharif during the kar-gill  debacle at the behest of government to appease the situation. Mind just boggles at the sheer stupidity of ways to fight terrorism. We see the enemy but are just languishing because of good and bad terrorism terms. 

Common innocent man only suffer, be it in any country. Are we really religious? 

We will keep on seeing innocent blood shed if we don't see the alarming situation we are being driven into. Will Mr. Musharraf adorn his heroes of terror with accolades just like he says. The poor terrorists too are misguided souls at the behest of these nuts. Don't they see the repercussions of killing innocents. 

If Musharraf only had the guts to fight the war on border, instead of hidden agenda of creating a menacing band of terrorists under the garb of good terrorism  and killing innocent people on streets. They are their heroes, high jacking aero-planes to get their accomplices out of jail. They should be really proud of their cowardice. 

Is it not High-Time?

Learning to Ask

This blogpost has been inspired by the new learning given by the much celebrated Christopher Trappe's soul stirring talk to write in day to day happenings.

Yes, mess up can be on the horizon when you are too confident of yourself way too much beyond any doubt. 

I started to come to Mumbai for the BNLF from Surat and I knew the name of train and had reservations in hand. I caught the train fully energetic with zeal to reach Mumbai and slept soundly on the berth allotted for me. Early morning as presuming my destination to have come up, I got do get down and asked the person getting down if Mumbai central has arrived and he gave me a shock of my life. 

"You're in Ahmedabaad dude."

I thought this guy is in his dreams, and I mused at his sleep. I got down and confirmed it to be Ahmedabaad and felt like beating my head on the wall.

Now, I was in a nice deep mess to get out of the platform without a genuine ticket and seeing the ticket checking at exit to be very vigilant, I sat upon a bench waiting for the gate to clear up and a little while later seeing that gate still going strong in checking, I looked for another exit gate, and luckily I found one, and exited much to my relief and readers relief as well. 

Now the task was to catch another train to Mumbai, and a tedious task of getting the reservation started and I embarked upon another hefty journey of 8 hours to Mumbai to attend BNLF meet.

Although all that ends well is great, but this had been my first mishap with overconfidence and I had learnt the new koan the harder way, "Ask." Now I asked freely before boarding any train if it really went to the destination to which I intended to travel. 

The Cyclist

This all started with a "good morning."

It was an early morning 5 am and I was on my bicycle and met two friends coming from the opposite direction from their morning walk.

"Jai shree shyaam boliye." One of them retorted.

I gave it a pass and started to pedal my way to my destination that I overheard their comment, "Angrez chale gaye, par angrezi chod giye."

I had to stop to give them a piece of my morning fresh as daisy mind. 

"You can't see Shyaam in  goodmorning." I reverted stopping my bike.

"No, that way you should see shyam in sweeper as well, but why do people discard them." He tried to prove his point.

"The day you see Shyaam in sweeper as well, the inner Shyaam in you will shine in full brightness my dear friend." I tried to push some sanity in his head.

I don't know if he was impressed but he gave a nice goddamn offer, "let's leave all the worldly duties and go to himalayas. We will shine in Godly bliss."

Now this was too much, though I had received many people's offer for the himalayan crusade, I rejected their offer outright. 

"If you cannot achieve bliss in home, don't expect it anywhere else. In himalayas too you will think of home." My saying this downed his mood. 

He said he would go only with me. I knew there was no point in harping about revered Sri Ravindranath Tagore's "Ekala cholo re" to him. 

I took to my way as I was getting late. This had set my mind thinking on my way. People looking for accomplices to their acts. They would never find one and they lack guts to do things alone. 

My mind reeled back to years back as I pedaled along all alone in the vast grandness of the early morning. I had met his father some years back as he was going to Mumbai and the occasion had been very tense as he was going to get himself tested for cancer in throat. I had prayed earnestly for his wellbeing but he had survived just five six months more. 

Life had its precarious ways and as I reached my point on the highway, where I tried to savor the energies from Sun daily, I prayed to the Sun god and taking my fill for the day I moved along my way.


Mental,  Non-mental 

This is World Mental Day, and as it happens, mind got busy searching the mental in me. 

The mind was enjoying the strain it was receiving, as if saying, trample me, crush me,    extract all juices, still the mental in you cannot be cured. It hides behind in the most secluded corners of the brain to come out in the most awkward times when the intelligent debates are at heights.

The mind was convinced of myself to be a mental no matter how much I tried to argue and show my certificates of appreciations. I couldn't challenge my mind on this serious matter and had taken a let go attitude, "until no dogs were harmed by my mental."

This was World Mental Day and I was thinking if I could party being a Mental or just pray for the well being of the mental in me.

Mind brought before me the case of great Einstein before me. He was traveling in a bus and when the attendant had returned the change he tried to count the change many times if he had been returned the correct amount back. The attendant seeing the man an illiterate, said "let me count it for you, you haven't studied maths I suppose," and counted the money for him.

I was happy at the illustration and concluded, I too have trouble counting the change exactly the same way, thus proved "I am an avatar of Einstein." 

Should I visit a mental hospital and give a pat on the back of patients and the Doctors on this auspicious day, but mind warned to go anywhere near the dangerous zone as a slight miss and they could keep me in their confinement. 

So I decided to celebrate this day in full solitude, with me, and my mind, minding their own business. 

My Kingdom Come

I muse, today my muses took me on a journey to my kingdom. Yes ! Everyone heard correctly, my own very kingdom, and since this was my kingdom, it had to be unique in all aspects. 

1)  I would be the sole King and of     course,      my wife the Queen. No questions asked.

2)  WiiFii, yes, Free unlimited downloads for my citizens.

3) Laptops of their choice in gold bags, Free !! Free !! Free !!

4) No cars on road, only bicycles. Or walking. Elders who can't walk or drive bicycle will have tricycles driven by volunteers.

5) Strict vegetarian food in my kingdom as it is my kingdom. We grow our own food and flowers. All mechanized farming.

6) Everyone has a good cow at their house with a volunteer to take care of it Free, and of course cow too is Free.

7) School, College all Free

8) Housekeeping too is Free by volunteers. 

9) Electricity too Free 24 by 7.

10) Pure water too Free.

11) No accounting system as no taxes.

12) Free Library sprawling in Kilometers.

Entry Requirements: Aaah !!! These are weirdest of all but applicant family has to read the rules governing my kingdom before entry:

1) No religion can enter the boundaries of my kingdom. All free souls free from shackles of any caste, creed, or past influences. Since no religion is commanding the country rules, only Human being Always at service of each other will be allowed entry. 

2) Dress code : it should be pleasant but no uniform code allowed as people can show formation of a dress code for a particular group. No group formation allowed.

2) No smoking as there will be no stress to release.

3) No Drinking Alchohol.

3) No leaders because everyone is their own leader. Those who think they can lead, have to learn to lead themselves into their Bliss. 

4) You have the liberty to shout names and curse the King at the end of the year, but not the Queen, because King can't hear anything against the Queen.

5) King can at any point of time add rules as he deems fit but they will not be against humanity.

6) All women and men will be given equal status. Men can give a higher status to their wives, if they wish.


This was the limit. What was happening to my house, a small house of four with four different tastes. My mother saw all soap opera's switching the channels at appropriate times and had become efficient in time management and my dad watched religious channels early in the morning. Their tuning was ok but my wife needed to watch the ads along with the soap opera serials and had fancy for a limited ones that hit her head, so I brought another t.v. with a separate dish antenna for her. 

When kids joined in from school, the fight would start, with their grandmother staunch and tough to budge away from parting from her routined brain feeds from the television. The kids also clever enough to take revenge by hiding the remote, and grandma searching for the remote in vain until they came upon a compromise. 

This tata sky transfer option has come as a boon as the program can be transferred on ipad and watched. I would surely love to record the comedy nights with kapil and transfer to my device. This is one program that alleviates the dampened mood from daily hassles. 

In this greatly innovative world, new offerings are designed for consumer satisfaction and I am a subscriber of tata sky since it's inception, growing my family with their innovative breakthrough offerings always simplifying the household entertainment space.

Early Alchemy

The egyptian diety Thoth which had the head of an ibis is thought by many to inhibit the body of Hermes Trismegistus, the originator of Alchemy.  He has been said to be "he who exists from the beginning..,he who rests on the truth, and what he utters subsists for eternity." according to some inscriptions.

Democritus who lived in 1st century A.D. Is the earliest Alchemist whose name came up in many old texts. Democritus was disciple of Ostanes and while he was still learning the process Ostanes died all of a sudden. Democritus tried all meditation to somehow get inspiration from Ostanes to get the remaining knowledge but all he got was that it was in the temple. Democritus searched the temple but nothing could be found. All hopeless his eyes went on the inscription on the pillar, " Nature rejoices in nature, nature conquers nature, nature brings forth nature."

He started dancing with joy. He had achieved his goal.

To be continued............,
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Day 7

Day 7

Yes, the celebrations were over and God graced Rio family with junior Rio soon. Rio family was fully excited to welcome the junior into the Rio net. Party was thrown, and the whole village welcomed the arrival of the junior Rio.

Soon days passed into months and months into years and life rolled beautifully and Rio too tried his ultimate best to fulfill the family desires to the best of his abilities. He had full faith in the choice of Lord Ganesha and after a span of 5 years rolling away fast enough another smaller junior Rio saw the light into the family. 

It was during this time that Rio was allured to try his luck into the stock markets and gave his share of two cents there and retracted back to the calmness of the village life for good.

Junior Rio had reached the age of six and Rio had to take a bold decision in the family. Rio wanted Junior Rio to be sculpted in the best of the schools and he had to put him in a good school of learning in an education hub town and took junior on to Nainital, the hill station. Here he searched for a good coaching school for kids and though it was a heartbreaker call, he left him to be taught and groomed there. After a month Rio again went to Nainital to see if junior Rio was hale and hearty and the first question junior Rio threw upon Rio was if he had cried after leaving him to the care of warden in the institution of learning. Rio was stumped there but not to be outdone, Rio threw the same question upon the junior if he had cried, and his reply in his own words, "no, just little water had come out." shook Rio's heart but confirmed Rio of one thing, he has the mettle of the Rios. Both father son duo enjoyed their two day stay. Seeing a snake charmer with snake on the road junior Rio said he wanted to put the snake in his neck and Rio instantly got it done and clicked a photograph. A newlywed wed sardar couple were coming from behind and seeing junior Rio garlanded with the snake, sardar ji's wife asked her hubby to get the snake in his neck and get a photograph done but sardar ji outright rejected the proposal. Her reaction downgraded the dignity of sardar as her retort "tussi darde ho, enna chota munda ni darda."(you are afraid, such a small boy isn't afraid.)  Sardar's prompt reply was, "enni vaddi naagin gale vichh daali, hor ki proof chaaida tainu."( such a big cobra snake he already adorned in his neck and what further proof was needed of his bravery.)

Junior Rio soon had reserved his seat at Welham boys, Doon after successfully answering the tough questions thrown upon him. The sharpness of Rio could be seen in this answers. To the question, which T.V. Serial he liked, while the other students answered snakes and ladders, etc. our cunning junior answered "News" and upon the next simultaneous question, as to where the aeroplanes had collided head on the earlier day, but our junior had the shrewd Rio brain in him because he had replied boldly, "he could not watch T.V. because he was traveling in train." 
Teacher not to be outdone had asked our junior about buying a newspaper in train and Junior had him stumped by saying that his dad doesn't buy newspaper in train. Though junior rejected that school and chose Mayo college because of big cricket grounds there.  

Life rolled on and soon his younger brother too joined him. Their childhood began with their letters coming up and Rio always there in times of need. 

To be continued..,,........,

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