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Smart phones and smart parents

Khul jaye bachpan. The world is changing and with the advent of newest tech gadgets children of today are way more informed and inquisitive than the era bygone. No parent can think of fooling their children into eating sour things and give weird health excuses. They know, and they know their rights as well. Gone are the days my dear friends, meaning older dear parent friends. I remember a case where an Indian in America, when tried to show what discipline was with a beating, was warned by his son of police case on him. This foolish parent had brought back his son to India and started beating him at the airport itself, beckoning him to call the police now. I don't know how true this story is, but I had heard of it from someone reliable. To cut the long story short, some parents go to any extent for their whims but is it worth it. 

I remember having a chat with a child and he confessed to having thoughts of running away from home just because his mother was always pestering him to drink sour veggie soups. Now, why can't parents realize their foolish whims and create a friendly environment before it's too late to repent. They buy them smart phones and they are really smart. They are nex gen kids and a slight mistake can ruin and jeopardize and start building a rift in their lives. 

As Chanakya has said rightly, " a person should learn from mistakes of others, learning from their own may take a lifetime to learn."  So prudent parents learn from seeing the happening around the world and amend their attitude. 

Many children not only get get smart phones but are blessed with smarter parents, smart enough to build the inquisitive minds of their children to their full potential such that the koan "khul jaaye bachpan" really opens up for them. "Are we ready smart parents?" 

Yes, sure sure, we are the smart ones.


I begin my tale on mother's day. It is really an opportunity in disguise for me to share some insights with my friends on this Mother's day. In one word, no words can describe the mother's powers. I remember having read of an real incident some years ago, where a child came under tyre of a car and her mother seeing this ran and pulled up the car and saved her child. It had hit the headlines then. She lives for her children, sews a world around them. 

There isn't one thing that I can say and comple the story. Volumes and volumes can be written and still the book will not be complete. It takes time to pick and choose and I am thinking which one should come first. Should I tell the one whence I had been lost in a big fete of olden days as a kid and when I was found the showering of affection I can never forget. I sometimes shudder at the thought that not all are lucky enough and found.

I think I have written enough for today.

This post has been written for Godrej

Together we stood

Together we were. Yes, we were certainly together surfing the web to thrive against all odds, life could pester upon us. This was a survival for the fittest world and we faced with new challenges each day. Yesterday had been the ultimate. Landlord or the landlady to be more precise had interrupted while we were going out of the house in a harshest tone possible, "you waste a lot of water," she had said in a mocking tone, "I have to fill the tank twice."

Mood had gone all berserk with the encounter and we sat together discussing the aftermath. I sometimes pitied at how her poor husband might be faring in his golden house. Everyone couldn't be as clever as the guy who gave the wrong answer to a do or die simple math's question asked by bride at the wedding pulpit. How much is 15+7 ? And our clever camaraderie answered 17, purposefully ridding himself at the start of a overtly enquiring life pattern. Kudos to him. I wondered why didn't mine ask these foolish questions, and I know she wanted a foolish husband to command at will, that's why. Right now we were together deciding on an important task at hand, to move as far away as possible from this ruthless landlady. But no respite was insight as we were stationed here at a cheap rent and finding a similar property within the same expenditure was a task. Were we cursed to hear her ramblings or was there some respite for our woes.

We searched on the web and accidentally hit on and what a surprise it was. We saw plentiful options within our range and priorities. First priority being no landlady within 10 kilometers of the house. We considered even buying one in a tempting monthly emi option. 

How much effort must have gone into designing this marvelous portal I thought to myself. The constant checks to see genuine content came up. Comprehensive data analysis was a gem in itself. Now we had multiple choices to choose from and moreover we could also become landowners thanks to's offerings listed there. My wife was all the more happy to be finding riddance from sinister landlady. How could we thank this for their tremendous bountiful offerings free of cost. People never tend to appreciate free things but I wanted from heart for this housing portal to grow in leaps and bounds. No thanks word was enough for their immaculate services. May they grow and grow and grow and grow into a top notch giant company among the top 500 forbes magazine conglomerates. 

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Start a new life

Starting a new life, but "How", "The Big IF", "Where" were all haunting the mind. Concrete plan was the need of the hour for me and I couldn't push everything for luck to steer me along. I had read a lot of people having started building their dream home with practically nuts in their pockets and succeeded with pomp and glory. I could only envy their stints. I wanted peace of mind before everything else. My life's better half thought otherwise and was hell bent on pushing me into the sea to fathom the surging waves of uncertainty  and I had kept my feet grounded somehow with "Fevicol" on the edge. I only hope Fevicol people give some booty to this falling poor man into the sea of oblivion for using Fevicol, the way they did for the song, "chipkaa le saiyaan Fevicol se," I am sorry I got carried away from my main theme of starting a new life. Friends who know me are advised not to panic as the only gun I had, has been confiscated and lies with my better soul, so whatever favours will be asked, will contain polite words only and no gunpoint orders.

 Starting a new life sounds great but a lot of prudence is the key to a happily running new life. This prudence is either inbuilt or acquired one. We get prudent advisable breakthrough ideas from some experienced quarters which makes the #startinganewlife  a hassle free smooth sailing event, blocking the thunderous storms that would drown everything. I came across such great wealth of ideas and information that took away all my anxieties away and the sailing became a smooth one. Friends may be wondering what I am talking about. I will clear the air sooner than later. Yes, I chanced to visit a new portal which was a well of  immense information, with the help of which starting a new life was just a fun event. All looked a child's play. Now I could easily refer my friends to indulge in it. I had successfully proved my mettle and I knew I had to keep my life happy, so though knowing what force was behind my success, I gave full credit to my better half to have thrown me mercilessly in the puddle of life.

I sometimes muse at how the innocent people get crappy data to savor at various portals and do they not have any right to express. Right web portals are a hard find in the jumble of webs. I am really impressed by the clean immense offerings at

A diamond doesn't need any support to shine and friends can see for themselves the real diamond presented.

Kudos to their efforts. 

Friends can see for themselves here what jackpot I am raving about. Enjoy the starting a new life.

ps;Always change for the better, but this one is even a lot more then better, It is simply irreplacable.   

The Housing Lookup

Yes, I was really exhausted and was on the verge of throwing in the towel as the saying goes, but there was something that kept the hopes alive. I could find something soon. The sun was retiring but I had to visit five more houses before I could turn back to my relatives house. A part of my mind told me to just return and put the beleaguered mind to rest before it exploded. But some how I carried on. Just like the heart beats ran without break till the end I too had to catch up with heart. 

As I look back, how can I forget this man. He had said, "journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step and one never knows which step will be the concluding one but all steps have to be taken." The days of the nomads were great. I often thought how great it would be to just wander away hither and thither. But life had an agenda built on my hands since my birth. I had to play the game till the end. I just couldn't back out like a coward. 

Life can work wonders. I remembered a story of a man who was very choosy on food and every time while eating in restaurant complained to the waiter about flimsy cooking of bread. One day he had come in to the restaurant and silently ate whatever was served. The waiter was puzzled to see the catastrophic change in the always complaining customer. He asked when he was done eating if the food had been cooked properly. The man had said that his eyes were opened seeing a beggar on road eating his vomit back and from now on he would never complain however rotten dish was brought up to him.

I had headed towards one last house  on my agenda to have a look at for the day. Though the mind totally battered by enquiries. Which one could be my dream home was nowhere to be seen. Most deals went bust on the monetary issue not coming within the limits. 

The house hunt would be this puzzling I had never thought of it. Then someone told me to look up on web and negotiate directly without brokers. He suggested look up and upon my first visit there my hopes had revived completely. How on earth had I missed this. Age had changed for the better and now seeing the affordable options my mind was relaxed. 

I knew now I had found a goldmine and others that flaunted were all farce offerings with hidden motifs.

I had gotten working upon it. Surfing through the immense database of genuine offerings. The rates too were very very reasonable and now the problem that I was facing that I was being flooded with too many lucrative options and the call was getting tough to decide. I had mused to my wife, "now should we toss a coin to decide."  

We had to decide and we did decide to close the deal. Thanks to the very dearly. Now holi could be celebrated with fervor with the new neighbours. I only hope the friends of mine learn of it and make use of it well.

This post has been written for indiblogger happy hours offering.

Love In Air

Valentine day neared and my mind went numb and numberer. All my friends had robust hearts with robuster dates. 

Friends may think I didn't have any but no, not at all. I too had one but it was just a little one sided and this valentine I was all set to make it both sided one. 

I knew I needed the ultimate blessings from Lord Byron, the king of Love. It was a shame for me having a role model like Lord Byron who had dated thousands if I am not wrong and here I lay thinking with all the dates dating someone or the other and poor I left with dates on the calendar

I got up with strong resolve, touched the feet of Lord Byron in the picture and feeling blessed I left my hostel towards the house of my would be valentine. 

As I neared her house, Lord Byron blessing faded inversely with each step. Friends may think my courage would die way and I would be back with my crush crushed but no dear friends. I took out the purse from my back pocket and opened it and lovingly glanced at the picture of Lord Byron strengthening the weakened energies in my body.

My steps grew sturdier and sturdier. Oh gosh!! What was I seeing. What was my crush doing in the balcony. Suddenly my legs had revolted and left leg conniving with the right leg stuck itself into the large gap in the might Amitabh style bell bottom and with great tearing sound I had fallen to the ground. Lord Byron had already fled the scene as if disgraced to have such a bonafide disciple. Without looking up meekly I had returned to my room with mocking Lord Byron.

pic courtesy 
My mind needed some sleep for the great thinking ahead. The sleek Lord Byron to implant some unique idea to get the ball rolling. I had woken up startled and satisfied. Why hadn't I thought of this myself. What a jubilant idea had been given by my route illuminator. I had grabbed upon the idea and started upon the "asking my crush on a date this valentine." 

Friends may be puzzled what the idea was and If I say I will tell about it in the next part of my story and they have to wait another week or so, some might turn enemies. So without much further ado I will write all of it in this post itself. All those who do gain by this mighty idea must thank Lord Byron at least if not me. 

The awesome idea was to write an extremely coded letter which none could fathom without the substitution of codes assigned for each letter. After an arduous task the codes had been assigned and a wishful coded love letter drafted. Now placing the letter at the revered feet of picture of Lord Byron and a melodious aarti chantings, "om jai lord Byron deva, tumko nis din dhyaawat, chadhaawat fal aru meva....,,,,,(hail lord Byron, I meditate upon you daily without fail and offer you fruits and dry fruits....,,,..,)

Prayer was long and exhilarating rejuvenating one and can be provided free upon demand by friends in comments section. 

The catch had been to some how throw the coded letter on the balcony wrapped in a stone. If she would be brilliant soul she would guess the codes assigned with her sharp as knife mind. 

Pic courtesy
I had built up all the guts to throw the carefully neatly wrapped letter in a big stone on the balcony. Had I chosen a big stone. Was Lord Byron obsolete in Indian context. Should I have chosen some Indian lord of love. God knew better as friends read on with palpitating hearts of my sinister plight. This stone could have gracefully landed onto her cute little hands but no, this stone had an agenda of it's own. It had gathered momentum on the way and like the burning force of a meteorite went in and struck heavily upon the forehead of her mother viciously. 

I had run off hearing the loud shrieks of wailing future MIL to be, only if I wasn't sued for trespassing and things went right with my newly appointed path illuminator, guru RamRaheem.(wink wink.)

pic courtsey

Salient part was that no dog had been injured in writng this post and this post had been written for happy hours contest by close up at indiblogger.

Success Land

I woke up to the ringing phone startled. Who could be at this wee hours trying to ignite my patience to another level. Hearing my dad's voice I calmed up and head started nodding prudently. Instructions were pouring and pouring and I listening and listening.
I hastily brushed up and took out the new Gillette shaving kit I had bought yesterday itself.  I had always used saloon services as I was afraid of bruising myself.  College life had passed without the need of these kits but seeing the job requirements I had to move with the herd. Hearing a lot about it's efficacy I carefully touched the razor blades on my cheeks with thumping heart. Friends had said nothing to worry, just slide it down and voila, it's done.  It went smoothly and I realised my first shave all by myself was just awesome and I clicked a selfie and posted at Fb boasting my feats.
This was no time for these things but I just couldn't resist myself the opportunity to impress my friends.  Taking my resume' I rushed to the venue of job interview.  I was extra confident with my extra special shave. I wanted to shout to the contenders to the job to give some minutes in restroom and slide the unique Gillette razor to improve their chances of getting the most coveted job. But this would ruin my chances of acquiring my goal my mind convinced me cunningly. I concentrated on my preparation and brushed aside the killing thoughts.
I came out triumphant and jubilant from the judges chamber having the recruitment letter in hand. Seeing some sullen faces I couldn't resist the temptation to give advice freely which I did impart thoroughly well. SUCCESS ladder had been boarded by me and I wanted everyone onboard the flight to SUCCESS LAND..

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Family Trip

Sometimes one gets an opportunity of a holiday and grabs it because it is a cheap offer. I had done it once and had a lesson of life time. I had left my kids with their studies and went on a trip with my dear wife to Singapore with just the airline tickets of to and fro. I had heard of little India and I had thought of bargaining a cheap hotel there. I succeeded in my goals but missed my children there. Then only we decided we will plan a proper tour with our children always. We didn't enjoy because of lack of presence of our children. Their memory pinched us everywhere. 

Then we planned a grand trip with our kids. This time we didn't want to roam searching for Hotel in an unknown land and be turned down saying "sorry sir, we are full." and spend precious time in haphazard manner. Somethings are learnt in life the harder way and I write this so that reader friends too understand the perils of unplanned holiday trips as well and trying a go by leaving kids behind. Each and every moment passes like an eternity without kids to share the adventures and scenic beauties at far away holiday rendezvous stations. Once you leave them behind that whole tour gets spoiled and jeopardised. Prudent people can understand what I am pointing at in earnest. Life lessons are learnt the harder way. I am not describing my woes. just an eye opener for dear mates.  I will try to be as concise as possible. So bear with me friends.

So, this time everything was planned thanks to a friend who was a club Mahindra member. He got us booked at Club Mahindra Resort Hotel at Mashorba, Shimla hills. One great thing that happened was that at the last day we all were filled with heavy hearts and kids wanted to stay just one more day. Despite being full on bookings they somehow managed to extend our stay for another day. How much overjoyed kids were to hear of their affirmative response by their Manager. I understood they keep themselves prepared for any last minute emergencies. 

Club had gym and spa as well. Here we worked out and relaxed. Jam-session with D.J. to dance to the music. It was their immaculately planned endeavor to make the stay of tourists a memorable one. We saw the sparkle in eyes of our kids. 

We got more than we had dreamed of. The kids, so very much enjoyed playing games with tourist kids staying there at Club Mahindra itself. We wanted the day to pass slowly, but alas! It flied away. Soon we returned with pleasant memories to cherish leaving our hearts behind. 

I will always remain indebted to my friend who had showed me the right path towards planning an enjoyable holiday trip.

Of all the tours I took, the one at Club Mahindra Resorts was the super best. 

This post has been written for Happy hour at Indiblogger by Club Mahindra. 

Crying Humanity

This is me crying. Yes, I am Humanity and my eyes are sore as hell by now. I have been back stabbed endless of times but some how I was still alive God knows why. To see this day. Why didn't I die, before I witnessed such dastardly atrocious act tethering me to pieces.

Every time I was stabbed I cried and wanted stern action on terror but could see many adding fuel to the terror only. How I frantically pointed to the world, this is "Terror" just say no word and smash it off. But I was aghast to see people beating around the bush. And Terror added to their strength and I grew pale and weakened on the verge of dying.

Once again I warn the world to awaken itself and fight the terror with all might. Do not mess the fight by naming any religion to it. Just take the challenge and smash it to pieces like they did to me. 

Yours Sincerely


The Smart Car

Image is courtesy of google
I am a brand new Smart car. I am immaculately built for roads. My heart rejoices at sight of great roads. I get a pang in my heart when I see pits from afar. Rashly passing cars give me the jibes. Do they gain anything by these gimmicks. The other day only I somehow saved myself a scratch on my new door. Sometimes I feel I should not come out from my masters house. How earnestly I pray he take a metro ride and leave me alone to myself immersed in my thoughts in my beautiful garage. Once I happened to chat with a car at a red light. It looked deeply disturbed. I could sense deep anger in it's eyes. It said her master would get her killed as he was reckless and skipped red lights whenever possible. It's heart always skipped beats on his driving. I consoled her that I had heard of new invention which created a laser beam wall instead of read light and trespasser of it would be caught easily. She was amazed to hear of it and wanted to know more but lights had turned green and we moved on. I sometimes thought why the rush to overtake. We could stick to proper lane driving peacefully but no, some cars liked honking themselves out. 

I want to say so much but I started way too late and I have to conclude my say fast enough. I wish to convey my message that we have weak heart so please do not scare the nuts out of them by rash driving. Our life is in your hands so drive responsibly if not for yourself, for us. 

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The Interview

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I woke up startled at the ruckus of coolies. I had overslept and seeing three coolies eyeing to grab my baggage in earnest to earn some money. I politely denied them all as I knew I could carry my baggage myself with ease. But before that I had too much work to do. Station had arrived but I felt strong pressure to relieve myself. I couldn't leave the baggage unattended at destination station, HOWRAH. I decided to control and get to my destination as soon as possible. Slowly I waded my way out of the station with my baggage rolling. 

I took a seat on the bus and waited anxiously for it to take me to my friends house in Taratolla fast enough. Seeing the jam at Howrah bridge I cursed myself for not coming in a day early. I had thought of refreshing myself with a nice Shave and going for the interview but looked I would have to forgo all these trivialities and be on time for the interview, that's all. My stomach ached to let go some air at least but I had held steadfast as I was a man of etiquette. I stood with no choice but to de board mid way with my baggage near the Company office where I had been required to come back. I hesitantly stood in front of the reception desk with my bulky baggage in tow. Hair all disheveled, with a careless beard of some days on my face I awaited the reaction of the gorgeous receptionist at the counter. Her reactionary exclamation upon my inquiry of waiting hall of for interview hit hard on my brains, "Kee daaroon". My mind told me to take it as a compliment and despite my stomach's pressures I managed a smile for her, thinking she would be greeting me daily now.  

Interviewer was a stout composed middle aged man, clean shaven, hair combed immaculately, as if done by her mother. I felt a sense of discomfort welling inside me. 

Before he could utter a word I mustered some strength to clarify my appearance. Seeing the receptionist I didn't want to loose this job by any means. I had been fully confident of my learning and I knew any company would be damn lucky to have me. But now I needed this company only. I had to make amends fast enough. 

I began "Sir, the roads are so jammed that if I went home to change I would have been late. This is the first time you are seeing me like this and I assure if I get the job, it's going to be a long innings of prosperity of the company along with me. I will leave no stone un turned to see our company on a "numero uno" position within three years.

My would be boss smiled at me and said, "I was determined to reject you by your lousy appearance but your one word has been able to sell you to my company. You may not be knowing but your word "Our Company" turned my mindset. "You are hired" and this is my record that the first time I have hired a disheveled un groomed man.

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